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Memorable Results

Transformation through technology

What's in a name?

Memorable Results is not just a name or a slogan, but rather a fundamental mission for which I live and work.

Develop and commercialize software and digital tools for vertical markets in co-crea​tion with partners and clients.

Who & What?

Darma Avalos Llerena
Senior Developer & Consultant


I am a polymath. Sort of.

Like Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo and Aristotle, but the street version.  A more simplified one, that has only been possible with the rise of technology and close contact with real-life problems and their practical solutions. 

I have a wide range of interests and a great desire to learn about various subjects, specifically practical stuff.

For more than 20 years, I develop full-stack and combine acquired knowledge in Visual Communications, Marketing and Sales, in proyects where my main focus lies in the ability to obtain results.

Results in the short and medium term, sustainable, measurable and memorable.

I have been self-employed since 1999 and I began to undertake in 2016 with the help of the Bryo program, a great program from the Chamber of Commerce in Flanders, Belgium.

My mentor, Joeri Stoop, to whom I am eternally grateful, led me by the hand for 2 years. Under his guidance and wise direction, I was fortunate to meet and learn directly from a fantastic network of entrepreneurs, successful men and women, who have greatly contributed to my professional success.

Contact me if you think we can do something together.

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Do you know something a little better than others in your field?

Can you solve a problem faster, easier, in a more cost effective way than the usual manner? Do you have an idea for a better process? Is there something in your industry that you would like to see automatized?

Give me a call, maybe we can do something together.

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Get invol​ved in an existing project, or create a new one!

I love those projects that disrupt the status quo. 

Those who make a difference, whether it's improving a business process, increasing sales, or achieving never-before-seen savings. 

What if by giving shape to your idea you can achieve considerable savings for your company? Or an additional source of income for you? 

What would it mean for your career? 

The projects and solutions I work on, have positively influenced the companies, their clients, as well as the creators and partners alike. 

Feel free to reach out and find out what we could do. 

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Cartera de proyect​os


Intelligent management for damage repair.

Private B2B sale of damaged vehicles  or with total loss.


Danza y Deporte

Automated administration for dance and sports schools.

Management of payments and control of enrollment and attendance.



Inventory management, marketing and sales of trucks.

Export management of trucks and spare parts.