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Transformation Through Technology

Unbiased advice


Are you sometimes puzzled by what your IT partner is telling you? Do you ever have doubts between one option or the other in a software development project? 

Lot of managers struggle with a lack of technical knowledge.  We can help you advance your project and take informed decisions, in several ways:

  • Review project requirements.
  • Make a neutral comparison of offers and proposals.
  • Perform a technical analysis of your user story.
  • Act as prodcut owner with your technical team.
  • Be your in-house technical partner.

We did it

We have increased revenues for our clients, lowered their costs, saved them enormous amounts of time, automated their repetitive tasks, developed custom solutions including but not limited to stock management, customized CRM’s.

Projects we love …

We love those projects that disrupt the status-quo and make a difference for their stakeholders. Whether it is improving a business process, increasing sales or achieving unseen savings, or providing an additional source of income, automation, and digitalization can make a huge difference in your line of business.


Software meeting 100% customer expectations,
always starts with a solid user story and precise requirements.

Darma Avalos Llerena
Fundadora de Memorable Results

Darma Avalos Llerena

Darma is a deep generalist and full-stack developer with more than 20 years of experience developing websites, software, apps, and platforms.

She has an academic background in Visual Communications and Public Relations and has acquired hands-on knowledge of sales and marketing by working many years with small and medium companies in a B2B environment.

Creating software is no longer a technical challenge alone. It goes beyond the algorithms and functions. Darma will help you to craft a finished product from seed or a vague idea,  creating with you a whole concept that will truly bring value to the intended audience.

Together with her team, she has authored several apps, including CRM's, private label CMS systems, ERP automation, and Enterprise Grade web applications.

After working as a freelancer all those years and taking up assignments for software and business development in various industries, she decided to start  Memorable Results up in 2019. With the help of her Bryo coach and her professional network, Darma wants to focus on game-changing projects.

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