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Digital Transformation is today more relevant than ever.  Memorable Results supports you in these times of COVID-19 with digital tools and methodologies to help you gain a competitive advantage in your sector.

E-commerce is no longer a nice to have channel.

Over the last years, a record amount of purchases via the internet has been recorded. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented boost for the online business.

To be competitive these days, offering your products via a webshop and delivering services remotely thru digital platforms and tools have become essential tools for your business success.


Express Webshop


Your webshop is optimized for different screens and devices to give your customers a pleasant user experience.

Ready in 10 days

10 days after receiving all necessary information and approval of the design, your web shop is ready to conquer the online market.


Attractively priced, from 1495 euros you have a working and affordable webshop that is also completely independent of the provider.

A webshop as part of your digitalization strategy

In order to remain competitive, in an environment of reformed market demands, there is a critical need for organizations to digitize their processes and business models. We’ll help you leverage digital technology’s power with an independent webshop that does not depend on third-party platforms.

You can customize and upgrade your website, host it anywhere you want and even sell it when you think it appropriate.

Belgium’s e-commerce sector which is considered underdeveloped in comparison with  Netherlands and other countries, closed 2019 with a 11.46 billion euro’s revenue in online sales.

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